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Yahoo has added another company blog to their growing internal blogroll, the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog. For those of you who may be wondering why the Yahoo Search Marketing team has just gotten around to launching a blog, chances are the launch was planned to accompany the new Yahoo Search Marketing ‘Panama’ platform which is now running for Yahoo advertisers.

Steve Mitgang, Senior VP of Ad Products and Platforms, lays out the mission of the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog:

During the first few months, we’ll use the blog primarily to inform and educate you about the many features and benefits of our new platform, and the important administrative details that you’ll need to know before your upgrade date. We encourage you to bookmark this page, or better yet, subscribe to the blog via RSS, so you can have all the info you need to hit the ground running.

As we move past the upgrade, we will begin to take a broader look at online marketing and the challenges you face. We’ll examine how 21st Century media such as Tivo, satellite radio and the Internet are contributing to the challenges faced by traditional marketing channels like TV, radio and newspapers. Audiences are fragmenting, and advertisers both large and small are looking for understanding and insight into alternate solutions that will provide the connections they need to their target markets.

Yahoo! offers a variety of marketing products that are suitable for businesses of all sizes, including display, video and many others. The innovation here never stops, and this blog will be the first place to hear about it.

Powered by WordPress, the YSMblog is a newly welcomed member of the Yahoo Blog family:

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Yahoo Search Marketing Blog

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