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Yahoo! Search Gets a Massive Revamp

There you go, Yahoo has just announced a major revamp of its search portal, particulary  the search results format.  According to the Yahoo Search blog the new Yahoo Search format aligns with the previous changes recently made on Yahoo’s other products such as the Yahoo homepage, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Messengers video calling feature.


Key highlights of the new Yahoo Search page design include:

  • Intelligent Search Results – Allows you to explore results from key sites and narrow results using different types of SearchMonkey structured data. Over the past few months, even more enhanced results for product, local, entertainment, reference, social, and tech sites have been displayed automatically. With the new search page design, we have made it easier to see these riche results from an increasing number of sites.
  • Feature-Rich Experience – Provides quick access to search features that make people’s online lives safer and easier, including Search Scan/SafeSearch (which helps protect you from viruses, spyware, and spam while you search) and Search Pad. Now it will be even easier to return to the research documents you have created while searching.
  • Search Assist Expansion – With the new design, our powerful query assistance is still available directly below the search box, but we’ve also incorporated it into the left-hand column for quick access lower on the page, even when the Search Assist layer is hidden. You can use this column to easily explore and discover concepts related to your query. We have added Search Assist to the search box on every Yahoo! page in the U.S. with the launch of a new universal header.

The new Yahoo Search format was designed from the ground up. Meaning the Yahoo engineers did not just overlay the new format with the previous front-end technology. Hence the new site is lighter and has improved a lot in terms of performance. Page load and perceived load times were both improved as well as the inline data URI images.

In case you are curious to know, the new Yahoo Search format now looks more like Bing. Could this be in preparation of the implementation of the Yahoo-Microsoft paid search deal?

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Yahoo! Search Gets a Massive Revamp

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