Yahoo Rolls Out New Portal Design

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I remember Loren asking me if I have seen the new Yahoo portal when it was still in close beta.  Well, I would have seen a preview had I entered the correct URL then. But that’s all in the past now as Yahoo has just officially unveiled the newly redesigned Yahoo Homepage.  Did Yahoo delivered something new to the table?  Well, certainly. As you log in to Yahoo’s homepage the first thing that you’d notice is the left sidebar which is labeled – My Favorites followed by a plus sign. This sidebar as you’ve probably know by know are a list of more than 60 web applications that you can add to your Yahoo Homepage. Think of it as the counterpart of Facebook apps. Only this time, these Yahoo apps include Facebook itself.

Adding this web apps/properties of course will bring in whatever contents they to your Yahoo Homepage.  Nice, right?  If users would be willing to add these web apps, that would mean longer time user eyeballs on Yahoo’s homepage.  It’s the simplest way of looking at it if you’re wondering why Yahoo put that feature.

Yahoo’s My Favorites sidebar can also be construed as an  iGoogle-like feature.  Only this time, the app does not take the form of widgets.

Now, here’s an interesting feature. If you hover on the individual “Favorites” a Yahoo partner’s add will be displayed on the right portion of the homepage.  But not all web apps that were  preloaded into the homepage will have those ads, I guess only those business/trade related “My Favorites” will display those ads.

The overall theme is ok. Nothing fancy,  just plain old items with dashes of Yahoo’s official color – Violet.

Have you tried it? How would you rate the new Yahoo homepage?

Arnold Zafra
Arnold Zafra writes daily on the announcements by Google,, Yahoo & MSN along with how these announcements effect web publishers. He is currently building three niche blogs covering iPad News, Google Android Phones and E-Book Readers.
Arnold Zafra
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  • Anu Patel

    Arnold needs a new picture. I love your posts Arnie but that stretched out pic of you is worse than CC’s bloated head pic.

  • George

    I think some search engines are overwhelming with the amount of content provided. I like to use – it provides clean relevant results and donates to charities such as the Petfinder Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters. If I want to go to Facebook or Ebay, I can go directly to those sites.

  • Why , why oh why?!
    Changing your homepage its so 2003. It’s like there is a constant need to refresh your home page once in a while. I’m expecting Yahoo to improve services, not design.
    Maybe the Microsoft-Yahoo future deal will shake the boat a bit.

  • Yahoo has already done gread deal with the portal !!
    And the services provided by it are useful too . I don’t think there was any need of changing the portal design .

    Anyways it looks good too

  • I like the redesign, it’s cleaner & less intrusive.
    The favorites column is original a clearly is the way to go… though the apps aren’t as inviting as those on facebook in my opinion.

    Yahoo! has so many great sites, it’s not just a blank page with a search box… (and even Google tinkers with its lay-out) so well done to the Yahoo’s. Hope they’ll make a huge comeback!

  • Daryl

    It’s unattractive and not as convenient as the old Yahoo. Don’t like it.