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Yahoo Search Engine Plans New Update

Yahoo Search Engine Plans New Update

Another Yahoo Search Engine index update has been announced by Tim Mayer on the Yahoo Search Blog. Tim writes that the sixth major Yahoo update will happen this evening:

We will be making changes to the index tonight. You should see some changes in ranking as well as some shuffling of the pages that are included in the index. This update will be completed tomorrow (Thursday).

The Yahoo Search team is looking for user feedback and has invited searchers to send emails to Yahoo Search is looking for the following information : Specific query terms where the results are good or bad. And specific domains that you feel are either being under or over indexed.

I think its fantastic that Yahoo is opening up their Yahoo Search update to user feedback, but a little surprised that the Social Media company is using such a (saying in snotty Charles Wincester voice) “prehistoric Web 1.0 application like email.” Heck, are they using PINE to read the messages?

Maybe they want to keep such info like an index update and user feedback limited to the search community, but it would be a nice working example to see some kind of User Reviews or Yahoo Answers integration into the search results of Yahoo My Web users to garner this info. Anywho, the search optimization forums should be buzzing tomorrow morning and hopefully Yahoo will flush some spam out of their system tonight.

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Yahoo Search Engine Plans New Update

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