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Yahoo Search Delivers Cheap Gas Prices

Finding the prices at the gas stations too much to handle this summer travel season? Yahoo is offering a new search engine shortcut to help save a couple of cents when filling up the tank for long or short road trips.

Yahoo! Search has launched an online gas price shortcut! The Yahoo! Search Gas Price Shortcut enables users to get the lowest gas prices for their area with just one click.

Just type in gas prices [location] into the Yahoo! Search bar

Example: “gas prices San Francisco” or “gas prices 94111”

Yahoo! Search has teamed up with two sites to provide consumers with easy access to search for their local gas stations carrying the lowest prices.

* Gas Price Watch has no affiliation with any of the fuel vendors or other advocacy groups listed on the site. Its mission is to become a voice for the consumer and continue to improve value to the consumer.

* Gas Buddy the portal site to more than 170 web sites that help consumers find cheap gas prices. All web sites are operated by the non-profit organization known as Gas Buddy Organization Inc, which is a registered non-profit organization.

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Yahoo Search Delivers Cheap Gas Prices

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