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Yahoo Search and Google Search Comparison Analysis

The Googles and Yahoo search engine algorithms have been picked apart in a study by, which is great info for anyone within the search engine industry. GoRank has analyzed the new Yahoo search results (which use a version of the Inktomi search index, given a Yahoo spin) as follows:

Following months of testing their search engine results, Yahoo has now launched their search algorithm and replaced the Google results they had been using. We were all prepared to compare Inktomi pure search results with Google this month, but the Yahoo switch happened right as we were finishing up our report. We decided to go ahead and analyze the new Yahoo results. We figured there would be many search engine optimization professionals interested in seeing what keyword density differences exist between Google and Yahoo’s new algorithm. We hope you find the research below useful. Please keep in mind that keyword density is just one part of an overall optimization strategy. There are many other elements we do not address here, but we hope we can help discover secrets to the keyword density component of the SEO toolbox.

The goal of this analysis is to compare the keyword density elements of Yahoo’s new algorithm with Google’s algorithm. The top 10 results for over 2000 keywords were analyzed from both Yahoo and Google to create this report data covering over 40,000 data points. We decided to use single word keywords that have a small number of searches per month. These keywords are low traffic and likely non-competitive which should help to achieve a more accurate picture of how each engine ranks pages. Each result URL was analyzed to produce a keyword density report. The results in this report have been compiled from this keyword density data.

Note: Data can be interpreted in many ways, our goal is currently not to try to interpret the data, but rather we want to publish it and let others interpret the results. If you publish an interpretation please let us know as we may present it on our site. Any works that use the data presented here must give credit to as the source and provide a link back to our site.

More Data is given from GoRank with charts and breakdowns of the study.

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Yahoo Search and Google Search Comparison Analysis

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