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Yahoo Scores Goal With World Cup & Partnership

Yahoo Scores Goal With World Cup & Partnership

Yahoo Scores Goal With World Cup & Partnership

Yahoo and FIFA are experiencing a great success with, the official Web site of the 2006 FIFA World CUP, as fans are visiting and using the site in record numbers., which is jointly hosted, produced and marketed by Yahoo and FIFA, has served over 1.2 Billion page views since the start of the World Cup. In addition, more that 31 million video streams have been served via the free World Cup highlight service.

To compare with the World Cups of yesteryear, in 2002, attracted just over two billion page views for the entire tournament. has served over half of that total during this year’s first week of World Cup action.

Here are some more stats from Yahoo and FIFA on usage:

* Five Million Daily Unique Users
* An average of five million fans has visited each day during the tournament, including a high of 6.2 million visitors on Monday, June 12.
* Over 600,000 Fantasy Sign-Ups
* Fans have signed up in record numbers to play fantasy football on, which features Yahoo’s industry leading fantasy sports platform, the company informed.

“We have had a huge first week, and it’s exciting to see fans head to the Web in such numbers to follow this great event,” said Jorge Consuegra, general manager of Yahoo’s FIFA Partnership. “Fans are so hungry for information related to the World Cup, and we’re confident that the tools and features we’ve created on have made it fun and easy for them to follow the event and connect with other fans.”

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Yahoo Scores Goal With World Cup & Partnership

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