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Yahoo Rolls Out Some Product Updates

Yahoo is rolling out updates of some of its online products today. These enhancements which are geared towards achieving full implementation of its Y!OS strategy covers Yahoo! Mail, My Yahoo, Yahoo! Toolbar and Yahoo! Updates.

The New Smarter Yahoo! Mail Platform

For it’s web mail client, Yahoo is bringing what it calls as a smarter inbox experience to its users. According to Yahoo, the new and smarter inbox offers up a new experience for Yahoo mail users primarily with the integration of relevan third party applications which will allow users to be more productive, within the Yahoo Mail Inbox.

Interestingly, Yahoo’s updates to its mail client coincides with recent annoucement coming from Google introducing various tools and enhancement from Gmail Labs. Among the new things happening with Yahoo! Mail is a new welcome page which surfaces messages, information and activity updates, an updated inbox and folder view, and quick access to third-party applications.

A More Open My Yahoo Start Page

Yahoo has also opened up its My Yahoo start page platform to enable users with personalized My Yahoo start pages to add more applications that were built using the Yahoo Application Platform. Yahoo will include more interactive applications in its gallery in the near future with the objective of making these interactive applications available to other Yahoo properties as well.

The New Yahoo! Toolbar and Updates

Yahoo is also updating its Toolbar with new features such as constant access to essential online tasks and news updates, apps for checking new emails, eBay items monitoring, local movie showtimes, automatic alerts from users online connections across the Yahoo network, and personal search suggestions.

Overall, the most significant features just rolled out by Yahoo is the updates to its Mail client. Yahoo! Mail have been beating Google in this department but Google is really serious on improving its Gmail client and making it a top choice for web email. It is just about the right time that Yahoo introduce this enhancements.

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Yahoo Rolls Out Some Product Updates

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