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Yahoo Publisher Network Simplifies Ads

Yahoo Publisher Network Simplifies Ads

Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) has cleaned up the presentation of their contextually targeted link advertisements by dropping some descriptions, trimming back some titles, and has changed the number of link displays.

Tom Furukawa, Director of Product Management, posts on the YPN Blog:

We’ve been doing some tinkering under the bonnet recently, so some of you may notice a few changes in your ads. The changes you’re likely to see include the removal of ellipses (…) and truncated words, the inclusion of 40-character titles on certain ad units, and a change in the number of ads displayed on certain ad layouts.

These enhancements have to do with our efforts to upgrade our contextual advertising product, and in the coming weeks will take effect across the entire network. They come in response to your feedback and should, in the long run, help enhance your account performance. We’ll share more details with you as they become available.

So, exactly what are the changes to each individual Yahoo Publisher Network ad format?

Here’s a list:

* 234 x 60 and 468 x 60 ad unit size will no longer display a description

* Number of listings will change based on the following:
160 x 600 = 5 listings
180 x 150 = 1 listing
300 x 250 = 3 listings
336 x 280 = 4 listings
728 x 90 = 3 listings

It will be most interesting to see the difference in performance between the previous ads which included a description, and the new banner ads which do not.

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Yahoo Publisher Network Simplifies Ads

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