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Yahoo Publisher Network Pubcon Boston Party

Yahoo Publisher Network Pubcon Boston Party

Like the rest of the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing world, Lee Odden is at Boston’s Webmaster World PubCon and has the lowdown on liquored up SEO’s blabbing to a Sprite drinkin’ Matt Cutts, YPN’s open bar, and a who’s who of the web publishing world:

Yahoo threw an invite party at “Saint” in Boston last night and it proved to be a good time. It was a good thing they were letting in “guests” of people on the list or I think there would have been only half as many people there. Good for you Yahoo in doing this as Microsoft has really shot itself in the foot at SES conferences by being uber strict with their “invite only” events.

LOTS of great conversations at this party. Thomas and I got there around 7pm and it was a nice, cozy little event with an open bar, (extended to 10pm) and a wide variety of hors d’oeuvres. Many familiar faces too: Todd Malicoat, the super cool guys from, Mike McDonald of iEntry and Jeremy Zawodny, my co-presenters for this morning’s PR session Robin Liss and Lawrence Coburn, Brandy and Daron Babin, Roger aka Martinibuster and many others I cannot remember right now because I’m supposed to be practicing my presentation.

Lee says he got a nice YPN T-shirt on the way out. Kristen, I’m patiently waiting for mine in the mail 🙂

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Yahoo Publisher Network Pubcon Boston Party

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