Yahoo Publisher Network Offering PayPal Payments

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The Yahoo Publisher Network has taken a major step in building its appeal amongst US based webmasters and publishers with the addition of PayPal transfers as a payment option.

The move may also be a clue that YPN will be opening more and more accounts for smaller publishers as the minimum payout for PayPal transfer is $50.

Yahoo Publisher Network : PayPal Payments

YPN sends payment via checks, Yahoo Search Marketing account transfer or direct deposit for a minimum of $100.

Yahoo Publisher Network tells Search Engine Journal :

“We’re excited to share our latest enhancement to the YPN beta with the upcoming launch of a new payment method: PayPal. With this new payment method, publishers can get paid more quickly since we’ll also lower the required minimum balance to $50 in revenue. Offering the PayPal payment method is an extension of our eBay partnership that we started last year. As we outlined then, by extending the reach of PayPal’s leading payment offering across the Yahoo ! network, we will give customers and publishers additional online payment choices and convenience.”

Of course since Yahoo! is a major eBay partner and Yahoo Search Marketing endorses PayPal as its payment method of choice among search marketing ads, it’s in Yahoo!’s best interest to spread the amount of Yahoo driven cash transferred via PayPal.

The move however, may indeed sway some publishers to switch to YPN from Google AdSense, as waiting periods from mail and banks may slowdown the time it takes to get ones’ revenue. I’m also sure that a lot of contextual advertising revenue finds its way to PayPal accounts anyway, so bypassing the bank to PayPal transfer headache also makes sense.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Mukesh

    This is indeed a great move by YPN. But the sad fact is tat YPN has still not opened it’s platform to international publishers. Why restrict this only to US citizens?

    Adsense needs tough competition and only then publishers will get a fair share of the revenues. Hope a tough competition will also make networks to offer more transparency into their functioning (how exactly do they rate clicks and which are the clicks the publisher is not getting paid for).

    Looks like google is in for some good competition in all fronts. Search engine front and the advertising front. This is certainly good news as monopolistic markets are the ones where hypocrisy thrives. These markets are never good for anyone other than the monopoly itself. Google is trying its best to achieve this type of monopoly but this is the downfall. Diversifying so fast into so many industries is certainly not a good sign and google is sure to loose it’s core competencies to rivals.

  • Domainer’s Gazette

    YPN continues to incorrectly target ads to my site content, so until they fix that bug, I’ll continue using AdSense on a majority of my sites (Paypal or not)

  • Andy Beard

    This could also be a signal that they might extend YPN outside the US finally.

  • Raj Dash

    Yeah, I can’t even use YPN as a Canadian publisher, which I find immensely surprising. Or maybe they’re trying to do everything by the book and approach additional countries as they feel comfortable. But their expectation that publishers not serve ads to international visitors has been patently ridiculous. I see YPN ads once in a while, and AOL customers in the UK probably do too.

  • Mark Pris

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