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Yahoo Publisher Network Holding Focus Groups

Yahoo Publisher Network Holding Focus Groups

Yahoo Publisher Network is holding a focus group in San Francisco and inviting publishers in the California area according to a DigitalPoint Forum member who received a phone call on participating.

Seems YPN is also offering publishers the added bonus of a $200 payment for attending.

I just got a call from YPN. They are holding a focus group in my area in August. I am going to attend. What types of improvements who you most like me to bring up at the focus group?

Also, if you are going to attend the focus group held in San Francisco, we can grab a cup of coffee and chat. Send me a PM.

When I agreed to do it, I was told YPN is paying a $200 per diem (An allowance for daily expenses). I would have done it for free, seriously.


JenSense adds that YPN may be expanding their study:

They are going to be busy, tlainevool reports that they are hosting one in the Los Angeles area in mid-August. Wonder if they will be going any further afield than California? Anyone else been invited to San Francisco, Los Angeles or beyond?

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Yahoo Publisher Network Holding Focus Groups

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