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Yahoo Publisher Network Ads in RSS Feed

Yahoo Publisher Network Ads in RSS Feed

As part of the week long testing of Yahoo Publisher Network contextual advertising here on Search Engine Journal in anticipation of some discussion at Search Engine Strategies we have added YPN advertisements to our RSS feeds.

In the past I had not been the biggest supporter of embedded RSS advertising since our RSS feeds used to only serve excerpts of the posts here on SEJ. After joining the online newspaper blog syndication network BlogBurst, however, which requires full length posts in feeds, my mind has changed.

Previously the blog excerpts served as teasers for subscribers to Search Engine Journal’s feeds. Subscribers would read the excerpt which would build their interest, then they would click over to the blog from their reader or aggregator – to read the entire story and subsequently be served ‘on-site’ advertising.

Things have changed since 2003 with more and more blog readers following entirely blogged stories in the comfort of their aggregator of choice… which more than likely cuts down on the aggregator to blog CTR%.

In turn, a loss of potential advertising revenue. So, while sifting around the Yahoo Publisher Network admin I was reminded about their easy integration into RSS Feeds which serves a complete contextual advertisement for one Yahoo Search Marketing customer.

After reading their tutorial and doing some copying & pasting in SEJ’s files, we added Ads by Yahoo! to our existing WordPress feeds (except for those served via FeedBurner) in about 15 minutes.

Then, checking my owned Bloglines account, I was amazed to see the quick integration:

Funny thing though, as the YPN ad is not being served in the Google Reader version of the story:

I’m looking forward to monitoring the results of these advertisements (which at the time are all serving different iSubmit ads) and comparing their CPM and CTR% with those of the ‘on-site’ Yahoo Publisher Network advertisements.

Ideally, since YPN is much more than just an advertising network, I’d like to see some kind of RSS analytic reporting derived from the serving of this code in the feeds.

For instance; the TOTAL number of feed subscribers, which aggregators they are using, and their click and navigation behavior. I really do think that by doing so, YPN would win over a large amount of business bloggers (US based for the time being).

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Yahoo Publisher Network Ads in RSS Feed

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