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Yahoo Podcast Directory

Yahoo Podcast Directory

Yahoo Podcast Directory

In what may be a fun filled week of Yahoo announcements, Yahoo has launched its answer to Odeo, Yahoo Podcast. Yahoo Podcast is now in beta testing and gives Yahoo users the ability to search, subscribe, and listen to Podcasts. Yahoo Search Blog reports :

Yahoo! Podcasts offers a comprehensive directory of podcast series and individual shows from across the Web, complete with detailed search results, most popular and highest rated lists, editorial picks, and a full collection of tools you can use. These community tools include ratings, reviews, and the ability to tag audio content, or view the tags that other people add. Why waste time on noise instead of signal —Yahoo! Podcasts can help you discover tasty stuff to feed your ears.

Our web-based player makes it simple and painless to listen right through your web browser. An accelerated playback feature (IE only) lets you “scan” a program at 2x speed to get the gist of it faster. You can use Yahoo! Podcasts with aggregators like iPodder (thanks to Andrew Grumet), with desktop media players like the Yahoo! Music Engine (the integration is beautiful!), iTunes, and with the latest version of iPodder, the Windows Media Player and even Winamp. Or, you can download the shows you want to any mp3 player, such as the iPod, iRiver, Dell DJ, Creative Zen, etc.“

Yahoo is actively looking for feedback on the Yahoo Podcasting service as it is a work in progress. In traditional Yahoo fashion, podcasts can be rated by users and podcast owners are welcome to submit their own podcast feeds.

Eric Baillargeon checked out Yahoo Podcast and feels that the service does have some indexing errors, suggesting that Odeo is still the preferred podcasting search and subscribe service until Yahoo gets their act together : “If you look for one of the first Podcaster around here, M-C Turgeon, who produce almost 50 podcasts since the last 9 month, you will get 19 episodes from her but only one is really a Podcast (episode 6), all the other are wrong links to picture files. If you want to find her Podcastography * you should go to Odeo, where Yahoo should have start is crawling for real Podcast’s file !

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Yahoo Podcast Directory

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