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Yahoo Paid Inclusion : Informative Overview

Yahoo Paid Inclusion : Informative Overview

Yahoo has been practicing paid inclusion under the Yahoo Search Marketing and Inktomi umbrellas for almost 5 years, yet for some reason Paid Inclusion does not get the coverage in the Search Marketing community it deserves.

Why not? My guess is the modification of organic listings with paid results and all around tracking can be seen as tampering, selling out or manipulation of natural results with marketing messages. But on the other hand, couldn’t SEO be seen as doing something similar 🙂

Shimon Sandler gives an all and out overview of Yahoo Paid Inclusion on his blog which I believe answers a lot of the questions those around the industry have on the practice.

* Paid Inclusion is a direct data feed into Yahoo Web Results. It appears as Organic results…not Paid Search. And, ensures all your valuable content is both Indexed and optimized into Yahoo search results. It is a guarantee that all your content will be mixed in with the organic results.

* Paid Inclusion CPC is $.15 to $.30

* How is it optimized? Because the feed itself can be different from the actual webpage source code, so all the unnecessary code ( like flash) can be removed. You’re left with an optimized data feed.

You can develop and optimize webpage specific titles and descriptions which appear in Yahoo Search Results.

* There is the ability to add/remove listings and change ad messaging within 48 hours which ensures all pages are always updated.

* Additionally, A/B testing can be conducted.

Read more from Shimon’s post : Paid Inclusion – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Yahoo Paid Inclusion : Informative Overview

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