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Yahoo Opens Flickr Video Uploads to All

Yes folks, aside from YouTube and Google Video, there is also such as thing as Flickr Video. And for quite some time now, it has been lurking in the shadow of Flickr being primarily a photo sharing site. Well, this could be attributed to the fact that Flickr Video was only limited to the use of Flickr PRO account holders. But that was yesterday, as Yahoo is rolling out some new features of  Flickr Video in the hopes of possibly revving up the dormant service.Flickr Video is now open to free Flickr members. This should have been done a long time ago. But we couldn’t blame Yahoo for not opening the service sooner since there were many issues confronting them even when they’ve first rolled out Flickr Video. One of these issues was something to do with loyal Flickr users who opposed the service. But then, now that the coasts is clear, Yahoo has finally opened the gates of Flickr Video to free members. Free members can upload two videos per month. The 90 seconds video time limit or the not bigger than 150MB video size still holds true.

Flickr Video is also rolling out HD Video upload capabilities. Possibly to match up with YouTube’s HD video capability. Interestingly, uploading HD video is open only to paid members. But free members can enjoy viewing these HD videos nonetheless. This probably has something to do with server issues as HD Videos take up bigger server space than regular quality videos.

Next, and a cool feature is Flickr Clock. It’s like your Twitter timeline for videos.  Flickr video uploaders can upload their videos and the service will categorize and display these videos based on the time they were taken. The objective is to capture different happenings across the globe at a specific time period.  The Flickr Clock employs a pretty cool visualization tool.

Incidentally aside from these new features of Flickr Video, the Flickr blog also mentioned something about removing the set limit for free members. We have to wait for further announcement if it is the limit for photo sets or video sets.

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Yahoo Opens Flickr Video Uploads to All

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