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Yahoo Opens Ad for Adobe Program to All Publishers

If the lack of hype over Yahoo’s new advertising program is an indication of its impending failure, then the Yahoo Ads for Adobe may soon see the light eternal repose. The YPN blog announced this as early as last Friday, and I didn’t see any search engine advertising blog or site covering it. Either Yahoo intended to under hype this announcement or people advertisers are not interested with it at all. 

Anyway, as we reported in November last year, Ads for Adobe is just like any other online advertising units that we all see online. The only difference is that these ad units are embedded onto PDF documents. Yahoo promised that it won’t be as obtrusive and annoying enough to make readers stop reading documents in PDF format. So the ad units will be displayed in a panel adjacent to the PDF content.

Ads served on PDF documents of participating publishers will be matched to the content of the PDF document. Yahoo will make use of the meta tagging features of Adobe PDF files to make this possible. So, if you are a PDF document publisher, make sure that you tag your documents properly. 

For publishers, Ads on PDF are on a PPC basis, so every time a user clicks on the ads displayed on PDF documents, the publisher gets paid. 

To get started with Yahoo’s Ads for Adobe program, publishers must register first before uploading their document to the Ads for Adobe site where Yahoo will embed the appropriate ad units. During our first report, Yahoo mentioned something like  just providing the URL where the PDF file is hosted and the ad units will be automatically embedded.  This time however, there was no mention of it in the YPN announcement.

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Yahoo Opens Ad for Adobe Program to All Publishers

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