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Yahoo : No Click Fraud, But Plenty of Goodwill

Nice play on words from the Yahoo Search Marketing team as PepperJam reports on the back and forth requests for credits due to apparent ‘click fraud’ or fraudulent clicks on a YSM contextual targeting account.

Instead of calling the mystery clicks fraudulent, Yahoo instead granted a refund of the questioned marketing spend in the name of goodwill.

Thank you for your patience while our Loss Prevention team reviewed your activity….

In response to your concerns about the click activity your account has received, we have issued a goodwill credit to your Yahoo! Search Marketing account balance in the amount of $X,XXX.XX for clicks that were billed to your account during the period of November 19, 2006, to November 27, 2006.

Please note that we have issued this credit as a measure of goodwill and appreciation for your business. Please allow up to five business days for the adjustment to appear in your account. Once adjusted be sure to review your billing history in the Reports section of the Manage My Accounts Page under Billing Transaction Detail to confirm your adjustment.

“Goodwill Credit”, reminds me of the United Airlines school of PR and their spin, “water landing.” 🙂

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Yahoo : No Click Fraud, But Plenty of Goodwill

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