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Yahoo News Looking for Vietnam & Korean War Video and Experiences

Yahoo News Looking for Vietnam & Korean War Video and Experiences

Yahoo News Looking for Vietnam & Korean War Video and Experiences

In what may prove to be the testing ground (or possibly killing fields) of the Yahoo News user generated video and content experiment, Yahoo’s Kevin Sites In The Hot Zone has put forth an open call for Vietnam and Korean War videos, photos and account of experiences. Sites is currently in Cambodia and In the Hot Zone is on the way to Vietnam and Korea (North? as I really wouldn’t consider South much of a Hot Zone) and wants to feature reader pictures and video from these wars as part of their coverage.

This Yahoo ‘promo’ really caught my eye as my father and I have been searching his closets, looking for slides from his days serving on a barge which fueled PBR’s on the border of Vietnam and Cambodia as they secretly entered Cambodia. He also had the responsibility, as a ship mechanic, to keep the coolers running and the beer cold in the Last Chance Saloon on the YRBM 21 barge, which by account sounded like a floating hybrid of a Naval Base, Animal House, and Hell. Dad’s been getting in touch with some of his old crazy buddies (one of whom I’m named after) here, on the YRBM 21 ‘reunion’ site, which I’ll send to Yahoo as it may help with some coverage and footage from the Vietnam War.

From Yahoo’s Kevin Sites In the Hot Zone :

Yahoo News VietnamIf you served in or lived through the Korean or Vietnam war, we’d like to see the pictures and video behind your stories — particularly about what life was like “on the ground.” Did you get to know local people? How did you cope with living in a war zone? How was it different or similar to some of the conflict areas the Hot Zone has reported on over the past year? Have you ever returned to the places where you once served?

Please email us a brief synopsis of your story. Make sure you include your contact information — we’ll be in touch with instructions on how to submit your photos and video for inclusion in Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone.

For more information on Yahoo News and user generated video, we reported on the speculation Yahoo News would go down this path in June:

Perhaps in a bid to become the YouTube of News, or further enhance its social media reputation beyond search and sharing, Yahoo News may be launching a new Video & Photos Upload service for breaking news stories by citizen journalists.

Yahoo News is beginning an initiative which hopes to mobilize the video cell phones and digital handicams of the world into a new citizen journalism powered Yahoo News Video project. Yahoo, which according to Red Herring, was inspired by the amateur video which covered the London bombings last year.

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Yahoo News Looking for Vietnam & Korean War Video and Experiences

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