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Yahoo News Drops Blog Search

Yahoo News Drops Blog Search

In what almost marks the one year anniversary of Yahoo adding blog search to its Yahoo News search results, Yahoo has mysteriously taken its blog search area out of the news game.

Besides the deletion of blog search results from Yahoo News (not to be confused with blogs indexed in the Yahoo News index, which is different than the Yahoo Blog Search index), Yahoo has also changed the title and description of their news search page, more or less confirming their new direction and lending possibility to the launch of a new and different Yahoo Blog Search offering. Amit Agarwal explains:

The older version from Yahoo Cache – this page shows Yahoo News and Blog Search in the title of the Yahoo! news search homepage.

The latest version from Google Cache – this page shows Yahoo News search homepage with no references to Blog Search as noted by Joe Beaulaurier.

So, what does Yahoo have up its blog search sleeve? Chances are that given the early success of MyYahoo Feeds and other Yahoo blog oriented offerings which hit the market earlier than most of their competition, Yahoo has not done very much since to launch an all emcompassing blog reader (such as Google Reader) & search offering, which should be integrated into the overall Yahoo experience (in a similar way that has with Bloglines).

Steve Rubel adds that he is seeing a new Yahoo referral source in his server logs,

Hopefully more news to come within the day on Yahoo Blog Search.

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Yahoo News Drops Blog Search

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