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Yahoo Music Price Increase Another Sign of Yahoo’s Struggles?

An email went out over the weekend from the Yahoo Music Service stating that they would be increasing the cost of their monthly music download service, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, from $6.99 to $8.99 per month.

Greetings Yahoo! Music Unlimited Subscriber,
We’d like to give you a heads up about an upcoming change to Yahoo! Music Unlimited.
On November 14, 2006, the cost of a new Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription will increase from $6.99 to $8.99 per month. Despite this price increase, Yahoo! Music Unlimited will still offer the lowest price of any major subscription music service — now with a catalog of more than 2 million songs!
Because you’re a valued subscriber, we’re extending your current rate for an extra month and your credit card will not be charged at the new rate until after December 13, 2006. We’re also giving you an opportunity to upgrade to an annual subscription before November 14, 2006 and lock in the current low price of $4.99 per month (billed in one installment of $59.88). Click here to upgrade to an annual subscription.
To view or edit your account, log in at using your Yahoo! ID and password. If you do not want to subscribe to Yahoo! Music Unlimited at the new rate, you must cancel your subscription before December 14, 2006. If you have more questions, you may contact Customer Care.
Thanks for using Yahoo! Music Unlimited.
– The Yahoo! Music Team

Two dollars (Give me my Two Dollars!) may not sound like a large request lot from the multi-billion dollar search & media company, but such an increase in price from Yahoo seems to be one of multiple signs the company is having troubles.

Here’s a list of other Yahoo difficulties which the company is currently facing.

* Yahoo & Facebook Far from Agreement

* Google Beating Yahoo at Online Media Game

* Yahoo’s under performing Real Estate advertising inventory

* And the Mother Story from the New York Times; Yahoo’s Growth Being Eroded by New Rivals

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Yahoo Music Price Increase Another Sign of Yahoo’s Struggles?

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