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Yahoo, MSN, AOL Sign Mobile Cinema Deal

CinemaElectric has reached agreements with multiple content resellers in the US and globally to offer CinemaElectric mobile content to mobile customers of AOL, MSN, and Yahoo as well as other Internet portals that cater to mobile phone content customers. AOL, MSN and Yahoo have a total customer base of over 300+ million consumers. CinemaElectric anticipates reaching up to 4% of the mobile user base of this market by 2006 via their reseller network which includes Sonera Zed, Zingy and other resellers.

CinemaElectric has already set up PocketCinema with T-Mobile in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Czech Republic, a total European market of over 40 million mobile subscribers.

PocketCinema is a high-energy, information-rich short movie. CinemaElectric is currently premiering these six mobile content channels:

MOVIE MESSAGES (multimedia messaging)
ELECTRIC CATWALK (global fashion)
ACTION! (sports/military)
POCKETGIRLS (international beauties)
PORTABLE HOLLYWOOD (Celebrities) and
WALLPAPERS (grahpics only)
Mobile phones that play multimedia and video were the talk of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) trade show in Atlanta as every major phone manufacturer unveiled new mobile phones that capture and playback video files.

CinemaElectric owns what is believed to be the world’s largest library of formatted multimedia and video content for mobile devices. The company has a special focus on video content for mobile phone playback, both in the current 2.5G environments and into advanced, high-speed 3G networks.

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Yahoo, MSN, AOL Sign Mobile Cinema Deal

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