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Yahoo Mobile Gets into GeoTagging with ZoneTag

Yahoo Mobile Gets into GeoTagging with ZoneTag

Yahoo Mobile Gets into GeoTagging with ZoneTag

Yahoo, the parent company of Flickr and, is expanding its tagging capabilities beyond normal search and social sharing onto the mobile camera phone. Yahoo has just Zonetag, a geotagging software which automatically provides images with a tag (or caption) labeling the place where the photo was taken.

Made available for Nokia S60 cellular phones Zonetag utilizes the Bluetooth GPS unit, then the GPS coordinates of the image will be uploaded together with a cell ID. This cell ID corresponds with the city, state and zip code of those GPS coordinates and so Yahoo is able to determine the exact location. The image is then uploaded to Yahoo’s Flickr.

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MobileMag reports :

Some users, however, have noted some flaws, claiming that Zonetag has sometimes failed to correctly identify the place where the photo was taken. Yahoo downplays the flaw, saying that the software’s accuracy will improve as more people start to use it.

ZoneTag phone support is currently restricted to Nokia Series 60 mobile phones. It is also known to work with 6620, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, and 3230, 6630, 6260 models.


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