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Yahoo Mobile Advertising Signs Top Global Advertisers

Yahoo is using its International appeal to jumpstart its mobile advertising efforts by signing Hilton Embassy Suites, Nissan, Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, Asia-Pacific and Singapore Airlines to be initial advertisers within Yahoo’s mobile advertising network.

The brand building campaigns are set to beginingg in the US, Asia and Western Europe, and Yahoo has high hopes to expand the mobile advertising market to its list of major US advertisers.

Yahoo, which according to CNN Money is the top global provider of online banner and display advertising, is taking advantage of the use of Smart Phones and mobile Internet devices to set the standard for mobile online advertising before their competition comes into the picture.

More from CNN:

Advertisements will run along the top of Yahoo’s home page on the Internet screens of mobile phones. Consumers can click on the interactive ads to learn more about an advertiser’s offer or call the advertiser directly for details.

Yahoo Japan Corp., the company’s joint venture with Softbank Corp. has been running ads in Japan for several years in what ranks as one of the world’s most advanced mobile technology markets.

Over the past year, Yahoo has also announced several enhancements to its mobile Web home page to make it faster and easier for consumers to search the Web, check e-mail, instant message, or check on news or sports.

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Yahoo Mobile Advertising Signs Top Global Advertisers

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