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Yahoo Microsoft Decision Happening Today?

Michael Arrington of Techcrunch is reporting that the Yahoo Board of Directors is meeting today to decide the outcome of Microsoft’s offer to purchase Yahoo for a $31 price per share at a total of $45 Billion.

According to the Financial Times, Japan based Softbank, the parent company of the very successful Yahoo Japan was reported to be interested in countering the Microsoft deal with their own, but will not be proceeding with the buyout and will follow Yahoo’s lead if purchased by Microsoft.

Google is reported to be offering an alliance with Yahoo as an alternative to the Microsoft acqusition, blocking Yahoo’s role as a communications and navigational portal becoming control of the Redmond company. Google would possibly take over Yahoo Search and Yahoo Search Marketing in the initiative, which would lead to a quick fix for Yahoo, but not a long term solution.

The end result, if it happens, will more than likely be Yahoo somehow inflating the per share price of the Microsoft acquisiton, and Microsoft taking over the company.

Hopefully we’ll have an official word from Yahoo on their decision by the end of the day or sometime next week.

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Yahoo Microsoft Decision Happening Today?

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