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Yahoo Messenger Invaded by Phishing Scam

Yahoo Messenger Invaded by Phishing Scam

Yahoo Messenger Invaded by Phishing Scam

Yahoo Instant Messenger users have fallen target to a phishing attack where victims receive messages which appear to be from their Yahoo buddies. If the user clicks on the message then they are taken to a site which is cloned as a Yahoo site which requires user login. Then the phishermen have access to one’s Yahoo login and all accounts under Yahoo that Yahoo user.The security attack on the Yahoo Messenger system has been confirmed by Yahoo and security specialists.

Yahoo directs such user login scams on its 10 Essential Security Tips, however, Yahoo does not mention the Messenger Phishing scam individually. : Scams are a popular way of getting your personal information. The most common scams are fake login pages and forged emails that ask for your password, credit card number, or other sensitive information.

“Phishing is an industry-wide issue, and one that Yahoo! takes very seriously,” said Yahoo spokeswoman Terrell Karlsten, in a statement on eWeek. “A key defense in the fight against phishing is consumer awareness, and Yahoo! has made it a priority to help educate consumers so that they are empowered to protect themselves online.”

Phishing is a common practice in email where attackers pose as legitimate institutions, such as banks, and encourage the message recipients to click on a URL. The Web site appears to be official and asks users to enter a confidential user name and password, often times to ‘confirm their identity’. While email filtering tools are deployed at most enterprises to block phishing attempts, less than 10% off all enterprises have security solutions in place for IM networks, providing an attractive target for phishing schemes.

“With this year’s explosive growth in IM worms and attacks, organizations can no longer afford to leave their IM users unprotected and unmanaged,” said Francis Costello, chief marketing officer of Akonix Systems. “Phishing scams target sensitive data access utilizing unsuspecting employees, and worms can quickly compromise entire networks. Akonix provides the tools that allow organizations to continue to realize the productivity benefits and cost savings of IM while insulating their employees and networks from the growing threat of IM-based attacks.”

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Yahoo Messenger Invaded by Phishing Scam

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