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Yahoo May Launch Version of Google AdSense

Yahoo May Launch Version of Google AdSense

Dozens of well placed rumours lead back to a potential challenge to Google’s almost unfettered rule of the contextual advertising market. According to many, including the unofficial Yahoo Blog (which displays Google AdSense Ads), Yahoo is about to create an advertising distribution network to compete with AdSense. AdSense is the program that places paid-advertising from Google on millions of private web-sites and Blogs based on keywords found in their content. It is a remarkably popular program as it allows webmasters to passively earn income from their sites.

Yahoo recently announced the merging of its various search divisions under the corporate roof of Yahoo Search Marketing Services. Its first major release was the opening of the Yahoo Application Programming Interface, a resource which allows programmers to develop Yahoo specific tools. One week later, over twenty new public-use tools have been registered through the API. Next, Yahoo opened a small business resource center offering SEO and SEM tips along with at least a half-dozen well written pitches for Yahoo services.

Lastly, Yahoo has registered the sub-domain “”, lending weight to the speculation this sub-domain will house a contextual distribution program similar to Google’s AdSense.

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Yahoo May Launch Version of Google AdSense

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