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Yahoo Marketing Yahoo Search in its Google Results

Yahoo Marketing Yahoo Search in its Google Results

Yahoo Marketing Yahoo Search in its Google Results

Yahoo is testing a clever marketing tactic in its search results outside of the United States. If you search for “google” on Yahoo Australia & NZ, then Yahoo will serve a “Try the new Yahoo! Search” search box in the Inside Yahoo section above the organic listings for Google.

Yahoo usually reserves the Inside Yahoo area for listings from Yahoo News, Shopping or other vertical search offerings available via Yahoo. Google and MSN use similar tactics, marketing Froogle, Flights, Weather or MSN Shopping in this “hey, why aren’t you using our vertical search services” premier space. Ask Jeeves does something similar with its partnered content Smart Answers.

This is the first time however I’ve noticed a search engine using this space to market its, um, search engine. Searches for “msn” and “ask jeeves” do not result with the Yahoo search box in the Inside Yahoo area, but the Ask Jeeves result does market Yahooligans; “INSIDE YAHOO! Sites for Kids: Check out the coolest sites for kids in Yahooligans!” Maybe Yahoo sees searches for Google as a serious competitve area and searches for Ask Jeeves as a minor threat (get it? minor? kids? ba dum dum ching! wacka wacka wacka!).

Eric Baillargeon, who is obviously a Simpsons fan and afraid of sharks, offers a screen shot :

Yahoo Marketing Yahoo Search in its Google Results

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