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Yahoo Mail Upgrading Search and Mail Features

Yahoo Mail Upgrading Search and Mail Features

According to Brad Hill at the Unofficial Yahoo Blog (not to be confused with the Unofficial Google blog, another Weblogs Inc blog), Yahoo is beginning to go live with their new “massive, retroactive reindexing of user mail and upgrade of Yahoo! Mail’s search tools.” Upgraded Yahoo Mail accouts are updating over the next few months and will challenge the standard of web mail based search put forth by Google and GMail (Google Mail).

Along with advanced Yahoo Mail search offerings, the new Yahoo Mail will also feature thumbnail views of atachments and photos, snipets of mail ‘conversations’, search by sender, file tye or date, and an attachment photo album. Brad adds;

Google’s landmark accomplishment was to index the entire contents of the account, not just header fields, and then offer a basic Googling experience. Yahoo! intends to offer the same deep indexing (including the content of attachments) and better search tools:

This shot from out of the blue is the first serious challenge to Gmail since Google forced competitors to unsuccessfully chase its ever-expanding storage capacity.

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Yahoo Mail Upgrading Search and Mail Features

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