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Yahoo Mail Updated to 1 GB

Yahoo Mail Updated to 1 GB

I just logged into my Yahoo Mail account this morning and noticed that my Yahoo account’s used memory space has gone from 35% to 9% (I have a problem with deleting emails) and its total memory storage is now up to 1 GB. Yahoo made the announcement that they were going to up the ante with email space storage last month, which was followed by a Google GMail announcement that GMail will be offering infinite file space (in due time).

Yahoo Mail started with 100 Megs then increased to 250 Megs of storage space last year. Their latest update has matched Google’s original offering in GMail with 1 GB. Google started a web mail storage space bidding war last year by announcing its GMail beta would offer a whopper of 1 GB email storage. Microsoft’s MSN Hotmail is still sitting on 250 Megs.

Yahoo Mail has also made the following enhancements (from the Yahoo Mail site) – Virus Cleaning : Yahoo Mail is working harder than ever to help keep viruses off your computer. In addition to your current virus scanning, you now get the added benefit of having infected files cleaned for you.

Yahoo Mail Search :Save time finding those important messages. Yahoo Mail now has enhanced search capabilities for scanning your inbox, folders or the web. Start searches from your welcome page, inbox, or other folder page views

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Yahoo Mail Updated to 1 GB

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