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Yahoo Mail Testing Desktop Style Interface?

Yahoo Mail Testing Desktop Style Interface?

Yahoo Mail is apparently overhauling its free email service to make it function and appear more like a Desktop mail software than web based email. Heck, with so many people using broadband and wireless connections now, why not? I’m a user of Yahoo mail and am hooked – and inturn find myself using other personalized Yahoo programs more and more. Hmm… maybe there’s something to this build the free email and sell them on other communication tools strategy. No wonder Google is building all of these downloadable software tools and personalization services around free web mail! Well, what Google may be to search – Yahoo is to registered member services and Lee Odden of the Top Rank blog looks into the new Yahoo Mail findings.

Lee : The upgraded service will feature e-mail caching to shorten response time, email message preview, ability to view more than one message at a time, quick search and drag-and-drop filing. Currently it only works in IE and Firefox, however if it doesn’t work for you, or you choose not to use it, the current version will remain an option.

The new Yahoo Mail won’t be out for a while yet, however it is expected to launch later this year. Lackey beta testers will see it in the upcoming weeks. Possibly by invitation only?

Hey Yahoo, if you are doing this new Yahoo Mail upgrade testing by invitation only please send me an email, or IM me, or post something on my 360 Blog. My gosh, I hope me using all of these Yahoo services does not make me biased in any form!

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Yahoo Mail Testing Desktop Style Interface?

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