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Yahoo Loves Squidoo : Search Spam Love Affair

Squidoo is a “Web 2.0” destination where anyone can become an expert in their field, create a Squidoo Lens, then promote that lens in the Squidoo community and earn money via an advertising revenue sharing model. Its authority status and its open door policy have resulted in Squidoo being a virtual spammer’s paradise, especially since some of the links within these lenses allow for organic linking.

Google has given Squidoo less overall authority over the years (unless a lens is of rather high value), but even with all of the spamming over at Squidoo, Yahoo seems to be giving a major preference to pages built within Squidoo that have original content and build a basic amount of incoming links.

Yahoo still views Squidoo as an authority site, which means that a Squidoo lens, when done correctly, can be ranked in the top Yahoo results for popular keyterms, sending traffic to the site of the creator of that lens, or to affiliate links placed within that content.

In DigitalPoint Forums, one member shares the rankings he’s been achieving in Yahoo for his Squidoo lenses (some of these rankings have changed) :

I have been doing a little research on Yahoo on how it works, and I made some squidoo lens to test how can i be on the Top 10 on Yahoo.

Well, here are the results :

NUMBER 5TH for nikon digital photography of 165,000,000 results……al+photography

NUMBER 9TH for how to get rid of spam of 14,800,000 Results..

NUMBER 10TH for apple ipods of 44,500,000 results.

But not only creating the Squidoo Lens performs these Yahoo miracles, but also promoting them :

It takes about 2-3 hours of work for each len, optimization , with the right keywords , you need to analyze the best keywords for a niche and the searches a month , after that create a len on squidoo with unique content as PLR articles content, never use a copy content from any article directory.

after that you need to stumble the site , add it to all RSS feeds directories , as much as possible and digg the lens .

Then the magic appears , all that can take about 5 hours to do it or even 8 … but results comes.

Connecting with other Squidoo users also helps :

you get all that links as you get popular with your lens, that it cost another 2-4 hours to do it by visiting other people lens and leave a comments on their lens , they come back and will add you comments and vote for you , that gives you better ranking for Yahoo.

And as the user posts this information in the forums, he’s also posting live examples as he creates lenses:

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Yahoo Loves Squidoo : Search Spam Love Affair

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