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Yahoo Local & Partner for Local Advertising

Yahoo Local & Partner for Local Advertising

Yahoo Local & Partner for Local Advertising

The search engine news and partnerships are starting to heat up as the first week of 2006 comes to a draw as Yahoo Local, AT&T, BellSouth & have all partnered in one way or another to bring (which is a joint venture between AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp.) advertisers added exposure on Yahoo Local and Yahoo Yellow.

According to a release by, the additional exposure on Yahoo! Local will help to solidify as the leading Internet Yellow Pages advertising network “by providing advertisers with exposure to more monthly unique visitors and network searches.” Under the agreement, select advertisers who purchase a YELLOWPAGES.COM advertising package will be distributed across the Yahoo! Local and Yahoo! Yellow Pages as sponsored search results.

“We are pleased to be associated with Yahoo! Local and Yahoo! Yellow Pages. Yahoo!’s large and loyal user base, as well as a strong brand as a leading Internet company, brings significant value and benefit to advertisers,” said Charles Stubbs, president and CEO of YELLOWPAGES.COM.

“Yahoo! Local offers consumers the most comprehensive and relevant local search experience online,” said Paul Levine, general manager of Yahoo! Local. “As Yahoo! strives to leverage all local knowledge to give its users more depth and social context in their local online experience, we’re pleased to partner with and bring its impressive, growing portfolio of local advertiser content to Yahoo!.”

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