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Yahoo Local Updates With Tagging & Photos

Yahoo Local Updates With Tagging & Photos

Yahoo! Local today will be making some updates to its local search & mapping offering with new “Collections” and “My Local Dashboard” features that enable its users to save, organize and discover information the way that they choose. The Flickrization of Yahoo is now expanding past normal search, MyWeb and niche channels such as Finance or Travel, and is now establishing its nest in one of Yahoo’s most innovative and human driven services (beyond Yahoo Answers).

The addition of these services is expected to roll out at 6 pm PST.

Yahoo Local’s newest Collections and Dashboard highlights include:

* Easily save local entities into custom Collections for future retrieval (i.e., favorite SF restaurants) by simply by clicking on ‘Save to Collection’ buttons, or 1-click copying other users Collections.

Screenshot of the Collections Display :

Screenshot of the Collections Admin :

* Add photos and tags that enable people to personalize and enrich their Collections (similar to TripPlanner). The addition of photos also includes location slideshows and will ensure more picture taking in restaurants from here on out :

Screenshot of Yahoo Local Photos:

Yahoo Local Photos Slideshow:

* Label local entities with one or more Tags – descriptive terms that help categorize, personalize, and re-find interesting entities (i.e., tag ‘friendly service’ to all local businesses with helpful employees).

* Easily access all personalized content (reviews, collections) created on Yahoo! Local through the new My Local Dashboard.

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Yahoo Local Updates With Tagging & Photos

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