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Yahoo! Local News

Yahoo! Local News

Yahoo! Local News

Following the footsteps of Topix . . . Yahoo! Launches a Local News Beta. Here’s an example of San Francisco; here’s New York. In New York, Yahoo! gets its news from myriad sources, not just newspapers: New York Times, Newsday, WABC 7, WNBC 4, WCBS 2, New York Daily News, WBGO-FM. In San Francisco, there are many more sources.

How long before local news shows up in Yahoo! Local itself? Not long I would imagine. (Google will probably follow suit at some point.)

So how do newspaper sites compete now that there are two aggregators offering local news (Topix is owned by the newspapers)? Newspaper sites should become news aggregators themselves. They should leverage Topix and offer their own news plus news from other publications to build out a more complete offering.

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Yahoo! Local News

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