Yahoo Local Featured Listings : Flat Fee Search Marketing

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Yahoo Local Featured Listings : Flat Fee Search Marketing

In an effort to simplify Search Engine Marketing on the Local level for brick and ‘Mom & Pop’ shops, Yahoo Local has introduced Yahoo! Search Marketing Local Featured Listings. Now, for a flat monthly fee starting at $29.95 (depending on business location and category) small businesses can advertise in specific local search results.

The high visibility search listings are a bit different than normal Yahoo Search Marketing sponsored links, with the ability to add business phone numbers, map links, directions, and “send to phone” into the advertising mix.

Here is the entire offering from Yahoo Local:

* Guaranteed prominent placement in Yahoo! Local
* Convenient month-to-month billing of a flat rate based on your business category and location
* A highly customizable listing and business details page
* A free 5-page basic web site

Aytek Çelik writes on the YSearchBlog:

As more small businesses became familiar with Yahoo! Local, they have asked for an easy way to place local ads that will drive foot-traffic to their stores, and phone calls to their services. As consumers of Yahoo! Local, they benefit from immediately seeing the phone numbers to the businesses listed in the natural search results, without having to click further.”

The rate card is a bit bland, but your Yahoo Search Marketing representative should be able to get a quote to you based upon this sliding scale:

Given the flat rate fee and addition of phone numbers and other options to the ad, I’d say that Yahoo has put together an easy sell option for the millions of small businesses out there used to dealing with the Yellow Pages.

Only question is, will it deliver?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • It sounds like a good deal, but I do not think Yahoo will drive a lot of traffic/customers to your website for $30 a month.

  • this sounds great, and a good news especially to small business world, and though i’m wondering how much traffic could this bring to a certain website?

  • Phil Geraghty

    This sounds very similar to the product TouchLocal has been offering in the UK for some years, Small businesses find it easier with a flat monthly fee for a number of reasons, but by yahoo offering a 5 page website also they will easily be able to up-sell these customers to the more lucrative ppc.

  • CPCcurmudgeon

    Flat fees will eliminate the hassle of click fraud.

  • Good point CPCcurmudgeon, it also eliminates the hassel of agencies working with old school lead and direct response oriented local companies who are used to setting their budget months in advance.

  • I think the rate card is benificial for small business in a less competitive market. However, you could certainly geotarget also with Yahoo SM and Local at perhaps a smaller cost annually.