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Yahoo! Launches Yahoo Search Builder

Yahoo! Launches Yahoo Search Builder

Today at Search Engine Strategies Tim Mayer of Yahoo announced he launch of Yahoo Search Builder, a social media powered application where Yahoo members can build their own niche targeted search engine. Adding to the Social Media palette of MyWeb, and Flickr, Yahoo is capitalizing on the tendency of their users to reach out to their friends, family members and colleagues and share their human knowledge.

Yahoo’s search vision leverages the expertise of regular people, users who have defined their own life path and are more than open to sharing the information which they do find among the way. In addition to MyWeb bookmarking & community informational sharing Yahoo Search Builder is expected to springboard the customized social public content building at Yahoo, the real world version of 2.0.

More from the Yahoo Search Blog:

With Yahoo! Search Builder you can create a custom Web search engine by selecting a set of trusted sites to search across or you can tune the search algorithm to the topic of your choice. Beyond Web search, Search Builder includes Site search and News search.

Then generate the code you’ll need to add your search engine to your site. You also have control over the look and feel of the search box and search results page. Voila! Instant search engine!

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Yahoo! Launches Yahoo Search Builder

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