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Yahoo! Launches Widgets 4.0

Riding on newsweek statement that 2007 will be the year of Widgets, Yahoo! is relaunching its previously named Yahoo Widget Engine with a faster, lighter, and sleeker 4.0 version. Yahoo! Widgets is now ready for download with a barrage of new and exciting features such as:

  • Widget Dock – a Google Desktop like feature which lets Widget users organized their favorite widgets better. It even shows mini-widgets that displays information snippets of whatever information the particular widget has,
  • Updates and Widget Discover – Automatically updates widgets for newer version and easier and faster way of getting new widgets, instead of going to the widget gallery.
  • Improved user experience – simplified interface, hidden or minimized widget running on desktop.
  • Improved performance – Reduced memory consumption when installing and running Yahoo! Widgets by 40%.
  • Powerful Flickr widget – Displays Flickr photos, drag-and-drop selection for uploading
  • Developer Features – For Widgets developers’ to create their own widgets, the task becomes easier with online docs, canvas support, SQL-lite support, submenus, among other nifty tools that widget developers can use.

If you are a heavy user of widgets, Yahoo! Widgets would bring your experience to a higher level. If widgets is not your thing, better pass off with this one, as it may slow down your browsing experience despite its “lite” features.

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Yahoo! Launches Widgets  4.0

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