Yahoo Japan Launches Digg Clone : Minna No Topics

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Yahoo Japan has launched their version of a social news sharing site with a Digg-esque feel; Minna No Topics (Everyone’s Topics).

The service lets Yahoo Japan users submit different stories under multiple categories and then users of Yahoo Japan can then vote on the stories in Digg like fashion by hitting the “Plus Score” button.

Instead of the Digg This box, in an anime fashion, little cartoon characters are placed above the Plus Score button. The selection of cartoon character seems to be random, as there is no relation between their selections and the categories, user names or amounts of Diggs (or ‘Plus Scores’).

Yahoo Japan Digg Clone

Like Digg, users have their own profile pages, can leave comments on stories, and other stories are also suggested. I do not however see a button similar to the Digg bury option.

Minna No Topics also uses tags for navigation (the second most popular tag is YouTube) and offers channels such as Newsing (news), BuzzURL(recently submitted) and Choix (blogs) for up and coming stories.

Yahoo Japan is basically the Internet in Japan, ranging from broadband to cell phone to television services.

And since most Japanese use Yahoo Japan for blogging, searching, communities, Q&A and social networking; on both the PC and mobile, Yahoo Japan is a logical fit for such a service.

If you can write Japanese and have news, female targeted (most Japanese bloggers are female) or shopping items which would appeal to the Japanese market, I highly suggest giving Yahoo Japan’s Minna No Topics a try and you might become surprised by the amount of incoming traffic and links that you earn.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • mewq


  • Wes

    Minna No Topics means, “all of the topics” not Everyone’s topics ūüôā

  • Mxpengin

    Wes, you are wrong . “Topics no senbu/subete” means “all the topics”. “Minna no topics” means Everyone’s topics (^_^)v

  • PixyTraffic

    This is a good idea, we need more sites like digg.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Minna is from “Minna-san or Minna-sama”, or everyone. No is possesive. Topikusu is Topics.

    Everyone’s Topics

    Regardless, it’s super cool, but not enough cute Japanese cartoon characters.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Oh yeah, someone pointed out on Digg (welcome Digg community!) that the correct romanization of トピックス is not Topics, but Topikkusu.

  • Television Reunited

    It’s called Pligg – open source free digg like software, not a big deal. We have to stop with all this digg clone crap.

    We don’t call Toyotas or Mercedes’ clones of Ford do we?

  • gabe

    トピックス isn’t topyukusu?


    More Digg clones? Hmmm, but only one site is for celebrity gossip. Wonder which one that is. . .hum hum

  • Keith Donegan

    Looks good

  • Keith

    I have used Pligg before, but it isn’t as good as Digg, for sure. The fact that Yahoo coming up with a Digg clone is sending out signal to Digg, that they are in the competition.

  • Maki @Dosh Dosh

    I lurve the images they used in place of a plain vote button.

    Not as cute as those in my blog but still easy on the eyes ūüôā

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