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Yahoo Integrates Delicious into BOSS Development Suite

Yahoo getting serious about its Yahoo Search BOSS suite of development tools and has added Delicious to the mix, letting BOSS developers mix Delicious tags, saves and other useful Delicious information into a BOSS Web Search call.

Yahoo Search BOSS is basically an open source search platform which can be utilized by developers, start-ups and large companies to mix and mash Yahoo Search into their own custom offering, to foster innovation in the search industry.

So essentially, when BOSS is pinged for a search query, the resulys can show the number of times a result has been saved in Delicious, the results most popular Delicious tags and tag count.

Other changes to Yahoo BOSS which were rolled out yesterday include :

  • Advanced Language functionality so that you can filter specific language results for a given market. BOSS now supports Czech, Hungarian, and traditional Chinese. Language information about Web and news search results is also available by adding view=language in the BOSS call.
  • Finally, BOSS News Service can now sort by a date or a specified time range of days, weeks, or hours.

I for one would like to see more Delicious results integrated into Yahoo Search. Yahoo has been testing the indexing of Delicious bookmarks and other Delicious info in their search results for years, but has yet to go full steam with Delicious shortcuts, complimentary tagging info, and other Delicious information as a default to search, as opposed to part of the SearchMonkey platform.

Perhaps the monitoring of innovative use of Delicious info by the Yahoo BOSS developers will test out the need for Delicious oriented metadata in Yahoo results before rolling them out to the public at large.

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Yahoo Integrates Delicious into BOSS Development Suite

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