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Yahoo Hopes to Attract New Search Users Through Java Software Updates

The Wall Street Journal reports that Yahoo has struck a deal with software company Oracle that has the potential to attract millions of new users to Yahoo’s search engine.

As per the terms of the deal, when installing or updating Oracle’s Java software users will be encouraged to make Yahoo their default search engine.

WSJ suggests if even a fraction of those who install Java software agree to make Yahoo their new default search provider, it could bring a meaningful number of new users to the search engine, which holds just 12.7% of the search market.

According to Oracle itself, 89% of desktop computers in the US have Java software installed, while billions of devices around the world also use Java software.

The partnership was announced by CEO Marissa Mayer at Yahoo’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

When the deal comes into effect this month, one of the first screens you’ll see after downloading or updating Java will include a checkbox prompting you to “set Yahoo as your homepage and default search engine on Chrome and Internet Explorer, plus get Yahoo as your new tab page on Chrome.”

You’ll have to go out of your way to uncheck the box before continuing with the software install, which could lead to many people setting Yahoo as their default without even realizing it.

Further terms of the deal between Yahoo and Oracle were not discussed. The recent deal between Yahoo and Firefox was only briefly mentioned, with Mayer claiming the deal has at least been “profitable”.

Image credit: Used under license.

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Yahoo Hopes to Attract New Search Users Through Java Software Updates

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