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Yahoo Expands Newspaper Consortium With 17 Papers : Including New York Times

Yahoo Expands Newspaper Consortium With 17 Papers : Including New York Times

The Yahoo Newspaper Consortium has expanded to include 16 regional newspapers owned by the New York Times as well as The Columbus Dispatch. The latest announcement totals the Newspaper Consortium at 415 daily papers and 140 weekly publications.

What is this Yahoo Newspaper Consortium you may ask and why is it important?

Basically Yahoo includes news content from these newspapers within Yahoo News and the Yahoo Network, while serving advertising on the newspaper websites along with powering their search functionality.

  • Yahoo! search box makes it onto all these newspaper sites along with the ads.
  • Graphical/display ads and targeting will also be a part of this.
  • Local/national advertising sales will too (via Yahoo Yellow Pages and Local Advertising).
  • Newspaper content will also be distributed throughout the Yahoo! network.

This way, Yahoo utilizes local newspaper sales forces to fill its local advertising while newspapers get a much more cost efficient search marketing share and display advertising since they are tapping Yahoo sales teams and behaviroal targeting (across Yahoo Search & Yahoo Network and onto newspaper sites).

The end result is not only higher revenue for Yahoo and the newspapers, but also strong branding of the newspaper name across Yahoo and most importantly, expanding the lifespan of daily print journalism.


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