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Yahoo, eBay and MSN Recruiting SEO Experts

Yahoo, eBay and MSN Recruiting SEO Experts

Yahoo, eBay and MSN Recruiting SEO Experts

UK based Search Engine War has the goods on SEO recruitment efforts by MSN, eBay and Yahoo; which Martin Dinham feels is a sure sign that the perception of SEO is on the definite incline.

You know something has changed in the perception enterprise search engine optimisation (SEO) when you see three of the very biggest names MSN, Ebay and Yahoo! taking it seriously enough to independently recruit SEO Managers.

* Yahoo Job Opening
* MSN Job Opening
* eBay Job Opening

Rand Fishkin at SEOmoz (who is doing a rather large part of building the value and perception of the SEO industry) also has a post on the Importance of SEO’s to the Venture Capital world and how SEO’s are becoming the new analysts:

I have little doubt that many of the big name SEO consultants and firms have noticed some phone calls (mostly from Silicon Valley) coming in from major (and minor) venture capital companies. These relationships are blossoming in part because of the great analytic value that an SEO can bring to bear on a given web space and on the incredible variety of knowledge (and variety of relationships) that SEOs are building.

Hmm, maybe search engine marketing wasn’t such a bad career path after all 🙂

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Yahoo, eBay and MSN Recruiting SEO Experts

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