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Yahoo Directory Blog : The Spark!

Yahoo Directory Blog : The Spark!

The folks at the Yahoo Search Directory have had their blog, The Spark, running for about 6 months now, but today I received an email from them about showcasing it on and thought that the blog was good enough to share with all of the search engine folks out there as well.

The Spark of Yahoo!, Serendipitous insights into the Web, from the Yahoo! Directory editors; covers different themes of note with information provided via high quality sites which are listed in the Yahoo Directory (yes, they link to sites listed in the directory, via that Yahoo-esque redirect).

There has been some talk in the searchosphere about Yahoo’s Directory taking a back seat to Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Search Technology and Yahoo Social Media, but once I glanced over The Spark’s blog entries I was quickly reminded that the Yahoo Directory still has its place of importance in search, co citation, linking and definition of quality web sites.

And they allow comments too!

Search marketing and linking aside, try giving The Spark a read for some uplifting, timely and educational blogging fueled by Yahoo Directory approved references.

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Yahoo Directory Blog : The Spark!

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