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Yahoo Develops PhotoMail Service

Yahoo Develops PhotoMail Service

In what seems to be yet another Internet Explorer only add-on, Yahoo! has introduced an interesting new feature called PhotoMail Service in their Yahoo! Mail functionality. It is currently in beta stage and offers integration with local Hard Disk, Yahoo! Photos, and Yahoo! Image Search for sending photos through e-mail easily.

The company is for now allowing a maximum of 300 photos taken from the local computer or from the web in a single mail. The aim is to simplify it for the novice users to share photos with their relatives and friends. It is integrated with the normal Yahoo! Mail interface though the user will have to install an application to get it working.

It opens up an external utility, which allows the users to drag and drop images from the three separate tabs showing images from the computer, user’s Yahoo! Photos and the Yahoo! Search Engine for images. Images are than added as thumbnails in the mail compose window with user given more options to enhance the images as per his/her liking.

Full versions of the images are stored on the user’s Yahoo! Photo account where the people receiving the images can see the full version of the images received through mails. Recipients also get the option to print the photos, order prints, save in their own Yahoo Photos accounts, or store on their hard drives.

Yahoo! has increasingly giving more attention to their Photo section as they recently acquired Flickr and collaborated with companies like Target Corp. to provide enhanced printing services.

Sushubh Mittal is the Tech Columnist for Search Engine Journal, an Opera user, and also runs Techwhack Tech & Biz News

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Yahoo Develops PhotoMail Service

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