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Yahoo Desktop Search Will Be a Reality

Yahoo Desktop Search Will Be a Reality

Yahoo Desktop Search Will Be a Reality

Yahoo’s CEO Terry Semel told an investment conference yesterday that Yahoo too would be putting out a desktop search tool for searching computer desktops and harddrives using the backbone of Yahoo Search Technology. Recently Yahoo’s major rival Google released a desktop search tool which has rekindled a software market which has actually been around for years. Google, Copernic, blinkx, and DTSearch are some of the most recent major players in desktop search. Microsoft also plans on releasing an updated version of desktop search by the end of this year.

“Yahoo is working on it. In short course, we’ll have a desktop solution as well,” Semel said at an investment conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Rueters reports that Semel did not give a timeline to when Yahoo Desktop Search would be released. Rueters also reports that Semel has no plans on leaving Yahoo, which has been whispered around the rumor mill for the past couple of months.

“I enjoy being a builder. I love what I do at Yahoo. I’m looking forward to at least the next bunch of years, I hope many, of doing what I’m doing,” Semel said. Recently, industry insiders and gossip hounds have been pinning Semel as the next successor to Disney’s Michael Eisner. Going from one of the two hottest Internet companies on the market to a declining Disney mess would more or less be a mistake for Semel – unless Terry has big plans to revive, the Disney machine’s attempt at web search (no syndicating Google results).

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