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Yahoo Cuts Google Search in Asia-Pacific Network

Yahoo and its Asian-Pacific network of Yahoo Portals, Communities, and Search has followed the suit of the rest of their Yahoo sites and switched from Google search engine search results to the new Yahoo Search (see the key ad image to the left).

The switch from Google to Yahoo in the Australian and New Zealand portals in favor of Yahoo´s own search technology rounds out most of the English speaking and searching world for the big Yahoo Search launch.

In a statement with CNet, Cliff Rosenberg, Yahoo’s Australia & New Zealand managing director, said it was reasonable to expect similar announcements for the European and Asian markets.

“I do believe that Inktomi’s launching in some European and Asian countries, but I wouldn’t be able to name them right now,” he said.

Google Still the King Kong of Search Engines

Despite the Yahoo switch from Google, Google still has an incredibly strong showing in the search engine market- with existing partenrships which include the Google site, AOL, Time Warner sites, and selected news publications such as CNN and the Washington Post.

Even after the Yahoo drop of Google, Google still has a projected 51% of search engine market share, with Yahoo now at 43% (this includes MSN results which are bound to change once MSN switches to their own new top secret Micorsoft search engine). Google is still the giant on top of the mountain, so they are definately not to be counted out- moreso they may be bound to grow if an IPO is ever settled upon or they continue the current Google acquisition trial.

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Yahoo Cuts Google Search in Asia-Pacific Network

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