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Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement Approved & Finalized

Over at Search Engine Watch, Kevin Newcomb is reporting that a judge has finalized the approval of the settlement which was reached last June by Yahoo and the Checkmate Strategic Group.

“Judge Snyder’s final approval of the settlement validates the strength of Yahoo’s clickthrough protection systems and our commitment to delivering a quality experience to both our advertisers and our consumers,” Reggie Davis, Yahoo’s new VP of marketplace quality, said in a statement. “Our commitment does not stop here. Quality is a top priority for Yahoo and we have a clear roadmap for how we’re going to create the highest quality search advertising network in the industry.”

More from Search Engine Watch’s coverage of the case in June :

Yahoo believes the settlement will cover all click fraud claims that have been filed against Yahoo, including a suit filed by Lane’s Gifts and Collectibles in Arkansas last year against both Yahoo and Google.

The terms of the settlement include a cash payment of $4.95 million to plaintiffs’ counsel and a provision that will allow advertisers to file a claim for Yahoo to investigate potentially fraudulent clicks back through January 2004. Yahoo will pay refunds to advertisers who file claims if it discovers evidence of fraudulent clicks.

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Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement Approved & Finalized

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