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Yahoo CEO Terry Semel on YouTube, MySpace & YSM’s Panama

Yahoo CEO Terry Semel on YouTube, MySpace & YSM’s Panama

Fortune Magazine’s Adam Lashinsky has an interview with Yahoo CEO Terry Semel where Mr. Semel discusses YouTube & MySpace, iTunes and Yahoo Search Marketing’s new Panama platform. Here are some highlights of the interview, which is a bit McNews but does bring up some interesting points (Thanks Lee):

MySpace and YouTube have also built huge audiences in areas where Yahoo should have had a leg up. How did that happen?

They’ve grown quickly. But Yahoo has very large audiences in the youth demographic too. For example, in what we call social search, our new product Yahoo Answers already has north of 50 million users.

We spent the first half of this year building video infrastructure throughout our network – in sports and in news, for example. You can count on Yahoo taking video to the next step.

Most companies would kill for 29% revenue growth, which is what Yahoo is forecasting this year. But that’s down from 42% last year and 77% in 2004. How do you combat slowing growth?

Search is clearly one of the two most viable advertising marketplaces. Getting Panama right will increase profitability on everything we do.

How could you say in May the search-advertising platform was ready, only to delay it two months later?

In May we began to test the platform and show it to advertisers. We decided we wanted more time to do additional tests, and advertisers told us they wanted more time to adapt their systems. We decided to do it properly rather than rush.

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Yahoo CEO Terry Semel on YouTube, MySpace & YSM’s Panama

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