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Yahoo Builds the Yahoo Search Blog

Yahoo Builds the Yahoo Search Blog

When I logged on this morning and checked my daily referral stats I noticed a multiple number of referring links from a domain that was not familiar – Not only one referral or a handful, but multiple multiple referrals.. my first thought – WOW, someone picked up a story on a blog I’ve never seen before, but what’s up with that “Y”?

After clicking through on the referral link, I was astounded to see that Y stood for Yahoo and SearchBlog was exactly what the referral was – the Yahoo Search Blog!

Following up on trendy business blogging from many in the tech industry and even Google, Yahoo has gone live with their new form of blog relations, making interaction between the blogging community an intricate part of the Yahoo Search Blog. Why so? They have LIVE COMMENTS! Yahooo! Hope they have some sound comment spam filters set up.

The Yahoo Search Blog was set up with the help of Jeremy Zawodny, famed blogger and Yahoo employee. The first blog entry is by Jeff Weiner, the SVP of Yahoo’s Search and Marketplace business unit and it’s a great starting post with multiple comments already and 19 trackbacks at press time (I’ll see if it tracks back this entry).

After the Google blog was launched, some people gave Google some flack for not including comments or even blogger names at first. Not only does the Yahoo Search Blog include comments, feedback, RSS, and trackbacks (giving it a true blog and community feel) but it also has one excellent blogroll of links, including the SearchEngineJournal and favorites such as WebProNews, SearchEngineLowdown, and ResourceShelf. I wonder how many other bloggers are waking up to find these referrals? Great Blog PR strategy Yahoo!

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Yahoo Builds the Yahoo Search Blog

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